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Strike King Mr. Crappie Jig Heads

One of the most versatile assets in your tackle box, these jigheads give you the opportunity to customize what's going on the end of your line for pulling an array of fish out of the water 8 pack. [more]

Road Runner Road Runner® Heads

For live-bait or plastics. Drifting, trolling & casting. 5 pack [more]

Canyon Mini Jig Skirts

For use with Mini Jig Heads. 20 pack. [more]

Gitzit Paddle Fry

This one works on all species, in all conditions. Gitzit field testers drove our mold makers crazy making sure the action and profile were just right. [more]

Gotcha Tube Jighead

Designed to work with the Tube Tail lure. Bronze Eagle Claw® hooks. [more]

Gotcha Round Jigheads
$2.80 - $4.27

Available unpainted or in a variety of chip-resistant colors. Bronze Eagle Claw® hooks. [more]

K&E Hot Tip Spider

Foam spiders with white rubber legs tipped with bright fluorescent orange paint. Body has a matching dot on the back. [more]

Mister Twister Teenie Jig Combo
$2.84 - $3.02

It can be rigged on a standard round jighead or attached to a spinner form for flash and vibration. Deadly on slab crappie and smallmouth. 2 Jigheads & 3 bodies. [more]

Mizmo Crappie Tubes

Mizmo's best selling crappie tubes offer anglers the brightest, most vibrant colors available. [more]

Mizmo Crappie Jigheads

The Mizmo knows that in crappie fishing "One Size Does Not Fit All." That is why the gold Mizmo Crappie Jigheads come in four sizes with various hook sizes to match. From the 1/64 oz jighead with a #6 hook all the way up to the 1/16 oz, which sports a #2 hook, Mizmo has the size for any fishing… [more]

Southern Pro Round Head Jigs

Designed with a collar to hold your favorite soft plastics without tearing the lure. Use with the Southern Pro Hot Grubs or Triple Tip Grubs. [more]

VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs

3-D holographic eye. Aspirin shaped head design provides added control. Shape also gives the illusion of a wider profile. [more]

Bass Assassin Tiny Shad

Has realistic bait fish shape and can be twitched on top or jerked below the surface. May be rigged Carolina-style for bass, trout, redfish, snook, and other species. [more]

Bass Assassin Pro Tiny Shad

The extended tail gives it even more unbelievable vibration that triggers the crappies and other panfish species to bite. [more]

Betts Mini Tube Tail?

This tail is the softest, most durable material ever made. Swims perfectly. Super high quality mini tails packed in colorful peg board pack. [more]

Betts Krinkle Jigs®

The ultimate in design and performance. The pulsating plastic tail fully swims and breathes. Epoxy covered Lead Head painted black with white eye. [more]

Road Runner Road Runner® Barbed Jigheads

Road Runner Jigheads with the added bonus of a plastic keeper barb and Bleeding Bait® hooks to further entice trophy fish. [more]

Road Runner Road Runner® Curly Tail
$4.26 - $25.73

Bright durable chip-resistant paint. Flashing spinner or brilliant color blade. Action rubber body. Comes alive natural swimming action. Attracts all species of game fish. [more]

Creme Silver Side Minnows

The Silver Side Minnow has an iridescent body with a slender internal weight. This unique little lure is excellent for panfish. [more]

Cubby Mini Mite Jigs

The original JIG-IN-A-TUBE. It weighs 1/32 oz, has a #8 gold mustad hook, and comes in packs of 5. [more]

Double OO Flu Flu® Open Water Jigs
$2.36 - $13.99

Flu Flu Jigs are the finest quality hand-tied feathered lures available. With an open eye for hassle-free rigging, Flu Flus are made with gold-plated aberdeen razor sharp hooks. [more]

Eagle Claw Jigfish Heads

Unpainted. 10 Per pack. [more]

Eagle Claw Marabou Jigs
$2.95 - $7.57

These jigs can be used in fresh and saltwater. Eagle Claw has expanded its line of Marabou jigs with more colors, allowing anglers to mix-and-match for their lake. [more]

Hookup Xl Series Jig Heads

Ideal for both artificial and natural bait presentations. Made with Mustad® Ultra Point Black Nickel Wide Gap hooks. [more]

K&E Pinkies

Lead head and bucktail design. Darting action. 24 per card. [more]

K&E Floating Spider
$14.63 - $43.90

Made of strong rubber, this is the most popular and durable spider on the market. A non-slip triple tied spider with eight wiggly rubber legs. [more]

Lunker Lure Ultimate Rattlin' Jigs

Big Bass World Championship Winner.? Formerly sold under the U. S. Tackle brand, this popular midwestern jig is now available nationwide. Sleek head design is great for rocks and wood cover. It comes with a Gamakatsu hook and a double rattle. [more]

Lunker Lure Bodylok Jigs-crappie

These jig heads are designed in the ball shape and stand-up models so you have the style that fits your needs and still have the holding power of the bodylok. [more]

Lunker Lure Shak-ee Head Jigs

Patented body lock keeper to ensure worm stays in place. 3/0 Mustad Laser cut hook. Head design - flat on one side to give head stability. Wire keeper will work with any worm. [more]

Luretech Peg Leg Jigs

Each package includes 2 complete jigs and 6 extra bodies. [more]

85 Results
Per Page 30 60
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