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Bass Assassin Crappie Jigheads

Feature top of the line Mustad Needlepoint Wide Gap hooks. The lifelike head gives the illusion of a bait fish. Used for crappie fishing these hooks will prove themselves. (6 pack) [more]

Road Runner Road Runner® Gold Series

The Gold Series was created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Road Runner in 2008. Each lure features a 14 KT-Gold plated blade and hand tied feathers. Packed one per bag. [more]

Slider Slider Pro Classic Spider Head

Features a larger 3/0 hook and heavier wire. Proven effective on the Slider Bass Grub, worm, 6 and 8" worms, and others. [more]


Super soft grub with a vibratail. The tail on the grub moves while swimming. The grub can be used with various sizes of the Slider Crappie Head. Also it can be used with other jig heads and Carolina rigs. This grub has been proven to catch crappie while casting, trolling, or vertical jigging. [more]

Lakco Jig Flies

Round molded lead heads. Fluorescent or enamel colors. Hand tied in the USA. Attractive chenille body. Feather hackle and tail. [more]

Betts Crappie Madness®

Maribou jig expertly tied on GOLD hooks. All original materials, perfect round head, chip-resistant paint - a very durable jig. The extra large maribou feather breathes in the water. [more]

Lindy Dancin' Spin

Designed by fishing legend Bill Dance, these jigs have been tested on crappies in all conditions. Irresistible flash with paint-free eyelet. Pre-rigged with Dancin' Crappie Tube. [more]

Cubby Nail-tail Jig Tails

Rig the Nail-Tails on your favorite Jig Heads. Use full length or cut down for a smaller presentation. (1 3/4" in length, 10 pack) [more]

Hal-Fly Hal-fly

The Hal-Fly® Tackle Co. originated the plastic bodied marabou tailed jig. The lead head is enameled and has a contrasting eye. [more]

Oregon Tackle Shad Dart
$19.44 - $19.50

Variety of colors to choose from. 25 pack. [more]

Southern Pro Fast Load Jig Heads

The Fast Load Leadhead is an ideal hook for finesse tubes and other hollow baits. These feature a tapered head that easily inserts into crappie tubes. All unpainted leadheads feature Eagle Claw hooks. [more]

Mister Twister Round Jigheads

Mister Twister round jigheads are the perfect companions for our soft plastic lures. They are extremely easy to rig and they cast flawlessly. Add a spinner form for added flash and vibration when fishing stained or muddy water. [more]

Pucci Jigheads

12 pack. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes. [more]

Lindy Dancin' Tube Jigs

The Dancin' Series Crappie Tube Jig is perfectly balanced in both size and color to suit all crappie and panfish conditions. Blended with an array of unique colors, these jigs were not designed to catch fishermen, they were designed to provide "strike-triggering" visibility in all changing light… [more]

Betts Mini Tube Jigs?

Tails are soft but tough, loaded with action with a GOLD wire hook. [more]

Gitzit Lil' Tough Guys

Our multi-step process assures a jewel like finish and instant eye appeal for both fishermen and fish. (2 pack) [more]

Lindy Dancin' Crappie Jig

Fat slabs can't resist taking a stab when a Lindy® Dancin' Crappie Marabou Jig is dancing up, down and all around. That's because this proven crappie jig delivers the perfect drop speed, pulsating tail action and overall appearance, which is why you'll find Bill Dance dancin' these for crappie.… [more]

Pucci Mini Jigs

Pucci Mini Jigs are not only a great value, but also a great product. With 15 fish catching colors , and 2 sizes available, this is a must for any "panfish assortment". (3 pack) [more]

Canyon Mini Jigs

Work slowly with a bobber in shallow water, for suspended fish over islands, trees, or without a bobber. Fish vertically in water 10 - 30 feet deep. (3 pack) [more]

Slider Crappie Slider Grubs

This is a 1 1/2" super soft grub with a vibratail. The tail on the grub moves while swimming. The grub can be used with various sizes of the Slider Crappie Head. Also it can be used with other jig heads and Carolina rigs. This grub has been proven to catch crappie while casting, trolling, or… [more]

Mister Twister Meeny Jig Combos

This is the original Curly Tail lure. A generation of fishermen have been catching record fish on the versatile Mister Twister Curly Tail. It can be rigged with jigheads as heavy as 3/8 oz. To fish deep, or with a spinner form to fish the mid-depths. With so many colors available, there's no reason… [more]

Northland Slurpies Panfish Tubes

Designed with a Baitfish-Image hollow tube body and tantalizing teaser tail Panfish can not resist. Sparkling holographic FishFlakes? flash and shimmer like iridescent fish scales to lure fish from a wide radius, while a salted and spiced attractor scent called SowSauce? entices the reluctant… [more]

Mizmo Crappie Tube Dusters

The eye-popping glitter and enticing tentacles are irresistible to the fish. These are a must for the serious tube jig fisherman. [more]

Road Runner Natural Science Road Runner®

The Road Runner © advantage begins with the position of the blade... 1. Because fish "live" on the bottom and look "up", the Road Runner is easier for fish to see. 2. The blade rarely tangles with your fishing line like "safety pin" spinners. 3. The blade position also doesn't interfere with… [more]

Mizmo Crappie Tube Tracers

Tracers offer panfish anglers the perfect color combinations and variations that trigger bites from the most finicky fish in the water. [more]

Eagle Claw Crappie Jigs
$4.77 - $4.93

Suitable for beginner, intermediate, or expert level fishermen. Ideal for freshwater when fishing for Bass, Walleye, and Salmon. (6 pack) [more]

Road Runner Reality Shad
$25.65 - $32.08

Features two minnow-profile lures for extra realism. The lure combines prism-eyes, shad inspired colors and a brass willow-blade for deeper presentations and measures less than four inches long, the rigs are attractive to more game fish. Six months of testing have bagged black bass, bluegill,… [more]

Mr Crappie Slab Daddy®

A super finesse jig designed by Mr. Crappie. The hand tied, minnow shaped profile teases the shiest crappie into your cooler. [more]


The Mr. Crappie Crappie Thunders are designed with a solid ripple body and the tails that flare out at 90 degrees! Great for vertical, casting, long line trolling, tight line trolling and catch crappie in all types of cover! [more]

85 Results
Per Page 30 60
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